At Marbleix Stones, we care for every detail in every produced slab. And this process starts right from our manufacturing.

We select and pick the best of the primary blocks and from to further process for our North American market. This selection is done though year of experience and dedication by our quality control representatives who work at the mine solely for this purpose.

Committed to quality and craftsmanship

Our fabrication shop is located in Vancouver, Canada. We benefit from some of the industry’s best machinery namely Donatoni Jet CNC machine which provides the best and most accurate cuttings on any piece of stone.

After fabrication is done, slabs or finished pieces are permanently sealed, requiring no maintenance. They also become mold and mildew resistant, making them the perfect choice for updating any bathroom, kitchen or stone display.

Irresistible Selection, Astonishing Quality

Marbleix carries a modern and high quality collection of different types of Marbles and Onyx Stones. We are specialized in ONYX stones and can provide our customers a very unique selection of these stones.

Onyx Stone Vacouver